Oh, the philosopher inside me rages against the weathered shores of capitalism. Where does it all stop?!

Ultimately capitalism is failing. The evidence is everywhere. Not only do we now witness profitable business going bankrupt or not being able to secure credit in time to purchase goods, but we see the decline in morale of the workforce. Juvenile delinquents, dissident students, out of work parents – where are the answers?

You can feel it, I am sure. You feel that somehow and inexplicably, things used to be better because in a very real way, things are getting worse. Well, let me show you how people are beginning to opt-out of politics, boycott society and throw away (or up on) the system.

Wanton destruction or profound rejection?

Its so painfully obvious when you open your eyes, I mean you can’t see the forest for the trees. Capitalism is experiencing yet another hiccup in a life-cycle comparable to one massive flu. The problem has always been that the cure is worse than the disease. Communism failed, it would fail again too. Anarchism never really took off, and Fascism sort of fizzled out, only to simmer away annoyingly in the background.

If the banks weren’t evidence enough, here’s the rest. Unemployment and a veritable boycotting of society-at-large is creating a melting pot, apparently placed upon these plastic benches at my local park. The people who did this are not just stupid, but also profound. This is because their actions are the result of dissatisfaction. It is the inaudible rumble from a proletariat class that will be heard through the cost of petty repair bills. Where disenchantment rises beyond acceptable levels you will not experience revolution, but riot. (Not┬ádissimilar┬áto Bristol this year)

When you don’t want a product because it doesn’t work or is owned by a company with questionable ethics, you boycott that product. When you notice society is in decline and the government talk more about excuses than results, what should you do? Boycott society? Well for some of us, this has already begun.