I’m usually one of these leftists that thoroughly support a good protest. I’m that person we all joke about that used to vote Lib Dem as an ‘unrealistic’ alternative. Didn’t it go something like, ‘we all vote Lib Dem knowing that they won’t get into power’, or was it, ‘the Lib Dems won’t get into power so I vote for them’… I forget now, besides it’s unimportant.

The important bit was that, as a socialist sympathiser (who appreciates Hayek and disagrees with Keynes), I find myself agreeing with more and more unrealistic ideals. To be quite frank, I think I suffer from continuous bouts of anti-ism. Even in coming to terms with this facet of my impersonality, I may well be anti-anti-istic.

Rarely do I feel like agreeing with something, especially from the so-called ‘right’ side of politics, which is why I have great pains from agreeing with those who are calling for an end to to the anti-capitalist protests. Predictably then, let me tell you why these people are right, but importantly for my psyche, they’re right for the wrong reasons.

I won’t go on, so here it is. These idiotic protesters feel that they are protesting towards capitalists who represent capitalism. Well they’re not. They’re just putting tents up and getting on the news. Capitalism is not represented by anyone, and policy changes do not change capitalism either.

Therefore, it has to be said that this protest is not political and it is not affective. The reality is, that like me, these anti capitalists are vain individuals who want to stick it to the man. They want to say no, and that’s pretty much it. If there’s more to it, then where’s the alternative being offered and who is the target audience. If you’ve ever heard of communism you’ll realise that the alternative is worse and the target audience is the proletariat, not the frickin’ bourgeois!