Happy Slaves

At first I wanted to entitle this blog: Our Oppressed Planet – but I decided against it because, for me, it is too abstracted from the reality of what we are. Ultimately, as you may have guessed, we are people. We ought to remember our organic selvesmore, as far too often (and I do this myself) we imagine ourselves as machines. Just as a petty example, if a member of my family asks for a favour, I factor in the particular physical impediments towards me achieving this goal or not long before I consider whether I want to do it or not. Did I forget myself? Was I beyond consideration in comparison of the group need? We all do it sometimes, and as such to some degree, we all become slaves for brief periods where we choose to serve a higher purpose – be it the group or whatever.

My favourite picture of Marx

I am perfectly happy to admit that I am also a slave to money – but all the time. I seek it everywhere and always, I honour those who have it, I work for those who give it, and as such I sell myself for it. Prostitutes and (classically considered) slaves do the same thing, the difference is living standards and moral norms. How else do you explain so-called ‘high-class whores’? I would compare 19th century coal mining to slavery too. The fact is, yes we have choices, but we cannot choose our choices, and as such we are constantly faced with the proposition to labour for cash or starve to death.

Death is the last choice we can make. For obvious reasons we cannot make a choice after this – so why do some of us choose it? Surely it does not solve our predicament, rather it makes things worse. Of course I am not referring to suicide through depression, (although I’m sure a larger argument could cover this base too) but martyrdom. Perhaps the most famous martyr is Jesus of Nazareth (AKA the Christian Son of God). He died in the belief that his death would bring about a bigger change. The infamy created by such an avertable personal catastrophe would live on for a time and give his cause a little more credibility. He was right and the strategy worked like a charm.