Shouldn’t we hope that all atheists die alone.

The act of mourning seems entirely preventable and so removing this pain should keep well with the rationals amongst us. Surely we can find a way not to be missed so much?

No one misses him.

If we do not believe in some form of after-life, then to my mind we should want to make as little impact on the world as possible. Of course I do not mean throughout our lives, but towards the end at least we should attempt to make enemies of our loved ones and show them that really they will not miss us all that much. Otherwise the worst outcome of mourning is a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ esque’ death tryst, or perhaps a less extreme version, where those left behind never get over the loss.

The reason I don’t hold this challenge out to ‘believers’ is that they must to some extent believe in martyrdom as a worthy cause. As well as the obvious idolisation of the dead. A very pointless ritualistic enthusiasm for harking back to those whom are apparently better than ourselves. Reminds me of fascism…

Ironically of course it is precisely those of us who die for a cause that can rationalise death easiest (however irrationally). In fact in a very genuine way suicide bombers are worshipped and celebrated.

I guess the moral to the story is that the best atheist following this advice will go on some sort of non community embraced rampage. To make the point: no-one really misses Fritzl or the many people that go mental with high powered rifles in the US.