Women in politics should not be celebrated.

By looking at the success of Sarah Palin (and you could use Thatcher etc) we can see how her success degrades women everywhere. But also we can see that it is her exceptionalism based on masculinity that creates this mess.

As a mother, businesswoman and politician, Sarah Palin is a success story. However her success has cost women everywhere just a little bit more respect and dignity. In essence, Palin does not represent women but men, and it is for this reason that she regresses rather than redresses the gender divide.

Famous for shooting wildlife in Alaska, it is true that she might seem cool in the eyes of ‘Bill and Joe’, but ultimately ‘Bill and Joe’ are the idiotic men who put us in this frozen forest in the first place. We should want women to get involved in politics, but not act as a wolf (male) in sheep’s (women’s) clothing.

It is not to say that women do not shoot guns, but we can certainly say that many men do. The point is, Sarah Palin works hard to prove she is just like male politicians and it is this which makes other women, less concerned with upholding the status-quo, more at risk to failure. The question is, what if a perfectly capable but non-commercial female wishes to follow the same path? Its certainly true that less men would allow her the platform based on skin deep judgement or unshared gender values.

Sarah Palin may represent some women but she also represents a lot of men. It is not that Sarah Palin proves women can be ‘macho and intelligent’ (male) yet ‘beautiful’ and frankly commercial (female), but rather it is the opposite. She extenuates the need to be both and thus degrades her female integrity, thus pushing the bar further away from those who are not masculine enough.

How does the problem begin? the quest for equality. It is not equality in terms of ‘sameness’ that we should seek, but division and recognition of the failures that men have delivered. We should want women to sweep in and fix this male quagmire we call politics – not compete in a proverbial arm-wrestle. Women are no match for men because ultimately they should not compete with them in the first place.